Andros New Open Theater

Sunday 21 August 2016 – 21:00

 Chora Andros – New Open Theater

Program  –  Music   –    Choreography  –   Dancers

The Music & Dance Gala taking place on August 21st 2016 is an outstanding evening due to the exceptional presence of promising young ballet dancers and musicians from the Paris Opera as well as the world premières that will be performed ; Caspian SuiteMédianoche

The Festival Management has brought together remarkable dancers, the young rising talents of the Paris Opera Ballet : Allister MadinSujetRoxane StojanovMatthieu BottoMathieu ContatCoryphéesCamille de BellefonQuadrille, & ex Yale’s Ballet soloist Laura Fridman, and four outstanding musicians, Tsuey Ying TaïFirst percussion at the Paris Opera Orchestra, Ellina AkimovaPianist at the Paris Opera Ballet School, the Saxophonist Eric Tallet and the string player, Violin & Viola, Jean-Marc Kérisit

Yet the spirit of the Ballets Russes will overlook the new open-air theater of Chora, Andros. Those legendary Ballets Russes have revolutionized French dance at the Châtelet eater in 1909 and carried on transforming dance for the decades to follow. One century later, the memory shines light to the stage, through inspired artistic creations. It is through this devotion that take place the compositions of Ellina Akimova and the choreography of Allister Madin, Guy Poggioli and Laura Fridman.

Rémy Deshayes anticipated this natural décor, which has become the ideal site of its’ young international tradition. He entrusted the program of the Gala to Eric de Mikhnévitch, the program is composed of three parts and supervised by Ellina Akimova (music) and Jennifer Goubé and Allister Madin (choreography).

The Ariadne’s thread remains the emotional, aesthetical and intellectual exchange with the festival’s audience. A dialogue that could have ballet-lovers and amateurs question themselves :

“What is the French tradition today?”

From the dancer-king Louis XIV, the creator of ballet, to our six dancers of August 21st 2016, there is a long history and a miraculously renewed youth. The real miracle however, is the effort ; symbolically and creatively presented by Allister Madin in his Classe-concert. The artistic mind, the heritage, – very Parisian – of the ballets russes, is present in the second and third part of the gala program. The latter is a musical (Saint-Saëns, Ravel, Khathaturian, Akimova) and choreographical (Madin, Poggioli, Fridman) weaving, concluded by a new adapted version of the Boléro and a nale to Chevauchée (Patrice Muzard, arr. Fabrice Trollet), created by the Orchestra of Paris Universities on February 8th 2016 at the Sorbonne amphitheater and directed by Carlos Dourthé.

The melody of love is recurrent throughout the performance – in the ballets Caspian Suite, – with the characters Leïa and Souren – Médianoche – with Nadège and Yves – with the couples of Boléro, the duet variations Cœur !Arythmia, and the solo Desiderata. Yet the real couple of the gala, although truly invisible, is music and dance, their passionate dialogue is for you to experience!

P R O G R A M – C H O R E O G R A P H Y   – D A N C E R S  –  M U S I C  &  M U S I C I A N S


Latest News

Interview, Remy Deshayes

How did this idea of this special ballet presented in Andros come up?  Remy-Deshayes: There are several circonstances that have been the source of what is presented today. I had many times spoken to Ellina Akimova, pianist at the Paris Opera Ballet School and composer for the evening gala, about…

Solo d’Amores

Choreography by Allister Madin with dancer Lucie Fenwick. Presented at the Paris Opera Garnier on 01/03/2015 for a Music and Dance Evening.

HAUT VOL (“High Flight”)

Choreography by Benjamin Millepied, short film, Jan 2015, for the Paris Opera by Louis de Caunes withAllister Madin and Leonore Baulac. Together, Allister Madin and Leonore Baulac had just received the important AROP Prize from the Paris Opera.

Heures dansantes (“Dancing Hours”)

Camille de Bellefon in a choreography by Allister Madin with the musician Tsuey-YingTai, all three coming to Andros. Presented at the Paris Opera Garnier on 01/03/2015 for a Music and Dance Evening.

Music and Ballet Gala, The Musicians

Meet the Musicians: Ellina Akimova, Pianoforte Tsuey-Ying Taï, Percussion Eric Tallet, Saxophone, Flute Jean-Marc Kérisit, Violin, Viola

Music and Ballet Gala, The Dancers

Meet the dancers: Allister Madin  –  Roxane Stojanov  –  Matthieu Botto  –  Mickaël Lafon  –  Laura Fridman  –  Camille de Bellefon  

  • International Festival of Andros
  • Centre national de la danse
  • European Dance Center Paris
  • Stage des Cyclades, Paris-Ballet
  • Mediaphorie, Music for Ballet Class